miss_paige_17 (miss_paige_17) wrote,

So, most of you know I had my trial a few days ago. I can't believe Dean got off so easy, after what he did to me. That judge can stick that "no evidence" claim up her ass. Sure, he wore protection, but it doesn't mean it was right. It's not like I pressed charges for nothing.

And, going along with my anger, I smashed Spin's car into Dean's as a result of druken rage. Didn't mean to, but when you're drunk you never know what you'll do. I'm really fortunate Spin's been so understanding, after all he did to get that car...I don't even want to think about it.

This whole week has been devestating, so I'm gonna have some breakfast and make plans with Spin. I'm sure the Paige you know will be back tomarrow.

<3 you honeybee!
xo Paige
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